Colin Kemp Consulting

Fundraising Oversight & Integration

Fundraising – part science, part art, part inspiration. But given a fantastic team well versed in all of those, you still need something else: a common purpose. A purpose not only rooted in the values and mission of your charity, but a purpose that recognises the interconnectedness of fundraising. That is interconnectedness between fundraising teams themselves, between fundraising and programmes, and crucially, between fundraising, your volunteers and supporters.

My mission is to help you achieve that interconnectedness – and I’m concentrating on a couple of critical areas:

Your Board and its oversight of fundraising – the reviews spawned in 2015 have led to some common understanding of the importance of trustee oversight and ensuring that your fundraising reflects the values of your organisation as well as the appropriate codes and regulations. Whether your trustees need an introduction, training or to outsource an audit,
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Legacies – getting your strategy right and embedded across fundraising teams ensures that your legacy message reaches the right supporters in the right way at the right times. If your legacy work is embryonic or sat in a good old fashioned silo –
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